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Heating wire need to pay attention to matters
[ Release time:2011-6-1  Read:4465Times ]

1, iron chromium chromium, nickel chromium and other series of electric alloys due to their different chemical composition, the use of temperature, oxidation resistance and resistivity of different, which determines the use of temperature and the length of life in the iron-chromium aluminum alloy material Resistivity within the composition of the elements for the AL, nickel-chromium alloy material to determine the resistivity of the composition of Ni elements. In the high temperature state, the oxide film formed on the surface of the alloy element is also continuously aged and destroyed. The internal elements of its components continue to consume. Such as AL, Ni, etc., thereby shortening the service life, therefore, the choice of wire diameter should be used when the large-size wire or thicker flat belt.

2, due to the low strength of iron-chromium aluminum high temperature, the components at high temperatures so easy to deform, such as the choice of improper wire diameter or improper installation, will be due to high temperature deformation caused by component collapse, short circuit phenomenon, so the design of components, we must take into account Its factor

3, iron chromium aluminum, nickel-chromium electric alloy its oxidation resistance are generally strong, but because the furnace contains a variety of gases, such as air, carbon atmosphere, sulfur atmosphere and hydrogen, nitrogen atmosphere, etc., these gases on the components in high temperature Use have a certain impact, although a variety of electric heating alloys were manufactured before the antioxidant treatment, but in the transport, winding, installation and other aspects of the components will be caused to some extent, damage, and reduce the service life, to extend Service life, requiring customers to pre-oxidation treatment before use, the method is to install the finished electric alloy components, electric heating in dry air below the allowable maximum operating temperature of alloy 100-200 degrees, holding 5-10 hours, Then slow cooling furnace can be.

4, the highest component temperature refers to the surface temperature of the component itself in dry air, does not refer to the temperature of the furnace or the object being heated, under normal circumstances the surface temperature is about 100 degrees higher than the temperature, therefore, taking into account the above reasons, in the design Components should pay attention to its use temperature, when the use of temperature exceeds a certain limit, the element itself, the amount of oxidation, heat resistance decreases, especially iron chromium aluminum electric alloy components, deformation, collapse, and even rupture, and shorten the service life .

5, the highest temperature components and components also have a considerable relationship between the wire diameter, under normal circumstances the maximum temperature of the components should not be less than the diameter of 3mm, flat with a thickness of not less than 2mm.

6, the furnace corrosive atmosphere and the highest temperature components also have a considerable relationship, but often due to the existence of corrosive atmosphere affect the component temperature and service life.

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